Initial ideas to current project, meeting with David Tyschler in Moscow and production educational videos for fencing.

Interview with David Tyshler Interview with David Tyshler
Fencing Lessons with David Tyshler


First European Championship in Krakau with scoring device with serial data interface, based on the initiative from Steffen Grollmisch.

Europaen Championships KRAKOW Poland


Swiss Timing, Tissot and Artos work on an efficient network and analytical program for referees.

WM 2005 Leipzig Preparation for the 2005 World Championships in Leipzig with Tristan Müller, Sven Plezinger and Steffen Grollmisch
Installation Technik Installation of the technology for measuring and analytics


World Championship in Leipzig, presentation video for arbitrage system.

Center court World Championship 2005
Center court World Championship 2005
World Championship visit from Alisher Usmanov to Leipzig
World Championship visit from Alisher Usmanov to Leipzig


Foundation of Attaque d‘Escrime in Leipzig with support from the International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing”

Mayor Heik Rosenthal, Alexander Mikhailov and Gordon Rapp Mayor Heik Rosenthal (Left) with Alexander Mikhailov, International Charity Fund “For the Future of Fencing” (middle) and Gordon Rapp, president of the German Fencing Association (right)
Attaque D'Escrime Attaque D’Escrime (President Steffen Grollmisch (right) with support from Alischer Usmanov for the development of analytics technologies.


European Championship Leipzig, first competition with network-based scoring device Allstar FMA21

EM 2010
EM 2010


FIE Certification of the analysis system in Leipzig

FIE Certification in Leipzig President of the SEMI Commission (Material commission) of the FIE, Semen Rikhtman at the handover of the system in Leipzig
FIE Certification in Leipzig Handover of the certificate, Tristan Müller (left.), Steffen Grollmisch, Semen Rikhtman (right)


Foundation of Sport Media IT GmbH & Co. KG Cloud storage infrastructure, online portal, content editing, quality assurance and project management.


Project AllezCOM

Dögel GmbH


Presentation of the first fencing analysis portal

People behind the project

Steffen Grollmisch
Steffen Grollmisch
Media IT GmbH & CO.KG
  • Fencer German National Team
  • President of the Sachsen Fencing Association
  • Member of the organisational committee - European Championship 2010
  • President "Attaque d'Escrime" (Leipzig)
  • Member of the German team and supporter of the fund
    "For the Future of Fencing"
  • Owner and manager of ARTOS FENCING GmbH & Co.KG
  • Specialist for installation of the most modern fencing pistes and
    inventor of the innovative ARTOS fencing piste
  • Founder of Media IT GmbH & Co.KG
Mathias Dögel
Mathias Dögel
Dögel GmbH
  • Founder Dögel GmbH since 2005 with 80 employees
  • Creator of various Internet projects, such as:
    • www.rimondo.com
    • www.working-dog.com
    • www.willhelm-grill.com
    • www.fight24.tv
    • www.bring24.com
    • www.caniva.com
  • Professional in areas of eCommerce and Internationalisation of Internet presence
  • Runs Internet portals today in over 20 countries and in 20 languages